100% natural crayfish meal

We aim to achieve a zero-waste and fully circular crayfish production. That means crayfish that are just not perfect enough to meet our stringent quality controls along with all the valuable by-products form our processing are dried and milled into crayfish meal.

We aim for a fully circular and waste-free crayfish production. That means that crayfish that are not perfect enough to meet our strict quality controls and all valuable by-products from our processing are dried and milled into crayfish Our crayfish meal comes from sustainably wild-caught freshwater crayfish and 100% natural and single-species. Its organoleptic and nutritional properties are highly appreciated for fishing baits, pet-food and fish feed

What is the origin of your crayfish meal?

Our crayfish meal is 100% wild-caught freshwater crayfish.

How much does the crayfish meal cost per kilo?

To know the price per kilo of our crayfish meal, log in to your user area or contact us so that we can give you a quote for your order.

Do you sell crayfish meal wholesale worldwide?

We supply our crayfish meal to numerous destinations. Please let us know through our contact form If you have any special requirements and a member of our sales team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.