Special items made from crayfish

Our specialty items are mainly meant for foodservice or food processing and provide processors and chefs around the world with delicious ingredients for their crayfish recipes.

How can I get the price of your crayfish specialty items?

To get a quote for your order enter your user area or contact us on the contact form on this website, our team will assist you and inform you of the price of shipping our crayfish specialties to the place you want.

How can I access your crayfish specialty products specifications?

In our product section you will find a description of our wide range of crayfish specialties. If you need additional information, please contact us via the contact section of our website.

Can I order your crayfish specialties from anywhere in the world?

We supply our crayfish specialties mainly to distributors and retailers located in Europe and the United States. However, if you have any particular specification, please contact us.