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We hold the privilege of having our main production plant located in the surroundings of the Do帽ana National Park, one of the most important protected natural areas in Europe and a Biosphere Reserve since 1991. Additionally, the majority of the crayfish supplied from Extremadura comes from the Orellana Reservoir, one of the largest water bodies of Southern Spain and certified by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) with the Blue Flag recognition. 

Both locations are part of the Natura 2000 Network and the Ramsar Convention, which guarantees their properties as protected natural areas. 

We believe that if a business is dedicated to wild-caught resources, its commitment to sustainability is a moral obligation and a corporate social responsibility. Accordingly, we regularly implement investment projects aimed at improving the efficiency of our facilities, always guaranteeing environmentally friendly processes and lowest energy consumption of our equipment. We ensure to reduce our emissions and promote the use of renewable energy, for example by being the first crayfish producer to install a complete solar panels system. In addition, we focus on a circular economy model in the use of all our raw materials, ensuring the reduction of waste generation and recycling while creating value through the processing of our  by-products into single-species crayfish meal.

Our constant commitment with the environmental protection and sustainability is also reflected in the development of our Spain crayfish (crawfish) – fyke nets & traps FIP project, aimed at ensuring responsible crayfish fishing that fosters a sustainable development of the fishery along with the communities that depend on it.