Alfocan was founded in 1987 by Erwin Alderlieste, who recognized the immense potential the presence of crayfish in the rice paddies of Southern Spain had, if properly processed, to produce top-quality crayfish for the world.

Today, Alfocan is run by Erwin’s nephew, Nicolas Roux, who permanently joined the company in 2011 to guarantee the continuity for future generations.

Nicolas Roux is surrounded by a strong team of partners and experts who have been with the company since the early days, such as Emilio Carrión or Valentin Murillo. They support our younger generation, highly skilled and full of enthusiasm and energy, such as Teresa Zurera (Sales & Logistics), Maria del Monte del Valle (Quality Control) and Gerardo Márquez (Sales & CSR.)

That’s just to name a few and not mentioning our dedicated local teams in China and Egypt.

Alfocan owes its success to both our people we trust in and our clients, who trust in us.