Crayfish Tails

We produce our crayfish tails from 100% natural, peeled and deveined crayfish. We them block or individual quick frozen (IQF) by nitrogen, which preserves all the natural and organoleptic properties of the tail meat Either block freezing or individual quick freezing (IQF) with nitrogen ensures that all the natural goodness and organoleptic properties are preserved.

Crayfish tails can be delivered in industry, foodservice, or retail formats. For the best retail experience, we also provide ready-to-eat crayfish tails in a variety of delicious recipes.

How can I find out the price of your crayfish tails?

To know the wholesale price of our crayfish tail items, please contact us through the contact form or log in to your user area to know the price of your order.

How can I have access to the specifications of your crayfish tails products?

By clicking in each of our crayfish tails items you will find additional product information. In case you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us via our contact section.

Do you sell your crayfish tails worldwide?

We primarily deliver our crayfish tails to the USA and Europe. If your order has another destination or any special requirements, please contact us via our contact section.