At the heart of our adventure is our historical crayfish processing plant in Isla Mayor next to Seville, Spain.

Spanish crayfish is fished in the exceptional natural surroundings of Andalusia and Extremadura, with high environmental protection and using traditional fishing methods to protect the habitats our crayfish are sourced from. With our fishery improvement project for Spanish crayfish, we are aiming to preserve this treasure for future generations.

Our Spanish plant honors the recipes we have inherited form our previous generations yet is equipped with the most modern technology to always provide the highest quality and food safety standards.


Egypt is to some extent a newcomer as a supplying country, with little more than a decade in terms of industry, yet its crayfish are appreciated for their quality and size.

With direct investments, Alfocan runs its Egyptian production following stringent EU and USFDA quality guidelines, implementing the techniques and know-how inherited from our founders


China is the world鈥檚 biggest producer of Procambarus clarkii crayfish and capable of delivering significant volumes at competitive prices. To be able to guarantee the highest quality, Alfocan works with selected and trusted providers with whom we have established a long relationship.

Additionally, our local quality control makes sure we source and provide only the best quality crayfish products, established following strict EU and USFDA standards.