Whole Crayfish

Our careful manufacturing process allows us to preserve all the natural and organoleptic properties of our whole crayfish. With our wide range of formats such as boxes, trays and bags protect the quality of our crayfish and adapt equally to industry, foodservice or retail, which makes them perfect for each one鈥檚 individual use and make sure quality is preserved from the fishing ground to the plate.

They are available either raw or cooked, and natural, seasoned or in a variety of traditional preparations (such as dill and 脿 la nage sauces.)

Be it for retail or foodservice, our whole sustainably wild-caught freshwater crayfish are at the heart of all our products.

What is the price per kilo for whole crayfish?

Wholesale prices vary depending on the order characteristics. Please contact us through the form or log in to your user area to inquire the price of your order.

How can I get access to the specifications of your whole crayfish products?

By logging in on each of our whole crayfish items you will find additional product information. In case you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us.

Do you deliver frozen whole crayfish worldwide?

We primarily deliver whole crayfish to the USA and Europe, but we ship worldwide. For any destination or special requirements, please contact us.