We are grateful to work to provide top quality crayfish.

Alfocan is a family business – generations dedicated to sourcing and providing the highest quality of wild-caught freshwater crayfish. We are committed to conserving the natural environment from where our products are sourced. Sustainability is at the core of our principles and practices.

Using traditional methods, we honor the techniques inherited from our founders. By respecting their legacy, we ensure that we can continue to offer the highest quality of seafood to our customers, while preserving our waters for future generations.

Our vast knowledge of the market, our relationships with our clients, and our understanding of the preferences of their customers allows us to customize and personalize our offerings.

We offer a unique product, raised in a natural and wild environment, sustainably fished, fresh, and delicious. The unrivaled quality of our crayfish is apparent in its exceptional flavor and the tender texture of its meat.

Our versatility and consistency set us apart. We respect our history and cherish our contribution to culture, gastronomy, and celebration by being a part of people’s lives.

We are grateful to work with the clear purpose of offering prime quality wild-caught freshwater crayfish.